Titled receivables / bad debt collection

So you finally get your money!

That´s all well and good, but what if you obtain a legal judgment but still no money?

Don´t give up on your legal judgment. We will persevere with attempting recovery.

A successful judgment will preserve the debt for upto 30 years You may wonder how accounts receivable can be realized after dissatisfied judgment? We will monitor the changing circumstances of the debtor and its ability to make payment. Where necessary we will regularly renew applications for payment.

We will create a bad debt collections package invidually tailored to your needs.

We are only satisfied when we are successful for YOU!

Necessary conditions
  • There is a final, enforceable judgment
  • The final judgment has been obtained against a natural person. (iE.: a responsible officer of an corporate body)
  • The initial execution was unsuccessful
The benefits
  • Without a renewed effort or workload
  • Without renewed cost risk
  • Without extensive resubmission of invoices and demands
We look forward to helping you with financial matters
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